FRI creates multi-family workshops for families experiencing addiction, mental illness and the co-occurring disorder affecting all members of the family system.

Multi-family sessions bring together several families either linked to a particular treatment center or with a similar event taking place in the family lifecycle (such as the return of a member from intensive treatment). Individualized intensives are arranged for a single family on a customized basis.

FRI Family Workshops

Common situations facing workshop participants:

  • Parents held hostage by the addiction, mental illness, or failure to launch in a teen or adult child
  • Couples driven apart by addiction or compulsion in the other or in a loved one
  • Siblings who have felt invisible and lost in the background as another child in the family struggles with addiction, compulsion or long-term illness
  • Families floundering in the wake of suicide or the premature death of one of their members

Individualized Family Intensives

We will arrange and facilitate a customized workshop for a single family to focus on the specific needs, difficulties, and conditions requiring professional and specialized attention. Dates and location are arranged on an individual basis. Our team can travel to the client’s home area.

Multi Family

Three-day intensives bring together several families and guide attendees toward new ways of thinking about themselves in the family, open understanding and communication, and foster healthier ways of relating and interacting.


All members are supported to:

  • See they are not alone. These conditions thrive in isolation. Meet and learn from other parents, siblings, spouses, and offspring
  • Examine the current “family deal” and its toxic effects as well as the forces that sustain it in its current form
  • Alter patterns of impaired coping and distorted dependency
  • Shift the family system toward wellness and hope for all members
  • Learn to set limits in a way that feels personally acceptable and supports the necessary recovery efforts of all family members
  • Remove obstacles to closeness
  • Launch an effort to rebuild trust and healthy inter-dependence


Most three-day workshops involve a family member requiring intensive treatment for addiction, compulsion, mood problems, or other behavioral health problems. That person’s parents, spouses, siblings, and offspring (12 and older) typically attend. FRI gathers these family members together and creates an intimate, carefully contained, sacred workspace. Generally a treatment team or primary therapist is involved and their input is obtained (with permission from the client member) and factored.


Workshops are held in a private room in a nicely appointed hotel, resort, or conference center where attendees’ privacy and anonymity are assured and conditions are best suited to conducting this intimate work. Select an upcoming workshop from the list below to get specific information about dates, location, and costs (if any).

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